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Apprentice.io Announces New Product Release to Drive Digital Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Initiatives in 2024

Apprentice's Tempo 7.2 Release

Staying ahead of the curve with a flexible, low-risk strategy for accelerating pharma's digital maturity initiatives despite 2024 budgetary constraints.

Apprentice, which helps life science manufacturers get treatments to patients faster by providing one platform to turn molecules into medicine, announced today the latest release of its Tempo Manufacturing Cloud. The 7.2 release provides life science manufacturers with a flexible, low-risk strategy for accelerating their digital maturity initiatives, despite budgetary constraints. Three new offerings, two beta releases, and new technology partners were also announced.

“We’ve seen the hugely positive reception to our previous 7.0 release and want to continue to deliver the industry-leading innovation we are known for with 7.2,” said Angelo Stracquatanio, CEO & Co-founder of Apprentice. “We hear from our customers that they want to maintain their digital initiatives despite tighter 2024 budgets. So we’re redefining our offerings to help our customers find a low-risk start to their digital journey and then grow into the full features of our unified platform.”

Continued Market Momentum 

The 7.2 release follows the successful launch of Apprentice’s 7.0 release at the end of October, which included 40+ features and enhancements that deepened Apprentice’s commercial manufacturing execution capabilities. 

The adoption of the 7.0 release and Apprentice’s broader Tempo Manufacturing Cloud is represented by the company’s 157% year-over-year revenue growth ending at the end of Q3. 

Its product capabilities were also recently recognized by Julie Fraser, VP of Research on Manufacturing and Operations at Tech Clarity, Inc., a research firm focused on the business value of technology for manufacturers.

“[Apprentice’s] Tempo suite is a fresh approach that marries the latest enterprise mobile and SaaS technologies with composable applications for pressing industry issues," said Fraser. "Yes, there’s a SaaS MES – but there is more for the plant, quality lab, enterprise, and manufacturing network. It serves the product lifecycle, starting with preclinical and clinical."

A Unified Platform with Right-Sized Offerings 

With the 7.2 release, Apprentice announced a Use Case Framework that illustrates how Tempo supports end-to-end manufacturing processes and replaces the traditional disconnected point-solutions. The Use Case Framework consists of five pillars and 21 use cases that cover the Design, Manufacture, Test, Release, and Optimize stages of manufacturing.

Apprentice also announced new offerings so customers can start small and then advance into more mature features and processes on one unified platform. The three new offerings are:

  • Tempo Digital: Designed for organizations taking their first step from paper processes to digital. Easily create digital procedures, execute them on mobile, desktop, or wearable headsets, capture and review exceptions in real time and receive video call assistance to keep a procedure running.
  • Tempo Core: Digitize full end-to-end production by building and executing parameterizable, end-to-end batch processes and defining and managing equipment and materials. Begin creating a connected digital network by automatically transferring recipes between teams and sharing batch visibility with external sponsors.
  • Tempo Pro: Define and optimize production across your entire network by defining and managing enterprise-level Master Data, integrating in quality control teams and processes in one unified system, and collaborating with external sponsors on batch review and approvals. Leverage advanced manufacturing features like creating and consuming material kits for cell and gene production, advanced procedure logics and workflows, and precise weigh and dispense capabilities.

In addition, Apprentice announced new pricing options that align to tighter budgets anticipated in 2024. To help companies maintain their digital initiatives, Apprentice will offer monthly, user-based pricing that allows customers to right-size their starting point and then grow with customers as they see value.

Gaining Efficiency with Modern Tools in the 7.2 Release

Tempo 7.2 will also include two new beta releases to help customers gain efficiency with tools for procedure and document creation and garner deeper insight with built-in analytics.

  • GenAI Batch Record Creation: This injection of Generative AI into Tempo serves as a design assistant for procedure authoring. It simplifies the creation of process steps, inputs, and actions, making it an indispensable tool for process development experts in pharma manufacturing. 
  • Data Extraction, Aggregation, Visualization: This feature will provide new methods to extract manufacturing data within Tempo for external analysis. With these insights, organizations can gain meaningful insights that incite action and adaptation in real time. 

Expanding the Apprentice Partner Program

Apprentice formally announced the addition of BlueMountain and Ganymede to its technology partner program, which builds on existing integrations: 

  • Blue Mountain: maps Tempo Equipment to Blue Mountain Equipment, which enables real-time syncing of calibration and batch scheduling data. Through this no-code integration, maintenance can better plan out their next calibration cycle.
  • Ganymede: connects on-premise equipment to Tempo’s Manufacturing Cloud with a simplified no-code integration through Ganymede’s edge technology.

About Apprentice

Apprentice helps life science manufacturers get therapeutics to patients faster by providing one platform to turn molecules into medicine. Our Tempo Manufacturing Cloud accelerates the end-to-end drug product lifecycle by connecting together distributed teams and sites, helping them execute better on the shop floor, and optimizing their operations through enterprise-wide visibility. From preclinical benchtop to large-scale commercial manufacturing, Tempo keeps your global teams connected, empowered, and in sync. Learn how leading companies like Synthego, Bristol Myers Squibb, Minaris, and AmplifyBio are using Tempo to scale from drug discovery to patient delivery faster at www.apprentice.io.

Contact Information:
Marie Forshaw
VP, Marketing
[email protected]

Kristen Kucks
Director of Communications, Marketing
[email protected]

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