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Arcanna.AI and Core42 Partner for Next-Generation AI Cybersecurity Synergy

Arcanna.AI and Core42 solidify strategic partnership at GITEX 2023 in Dubai

Arcanna.AI, a pioneering provider of Decision Intelligence for cybersecurity, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Core42, a leading digital transformation provider offering a vast array of technological capabilities including Security Operations Center (SOC) services and other solutions that enable the delivery of Enterprise AI and national-scale AI programs. This collaboration signifies a remarkable leap forward in integrating advanced AI technology into SOC operations.

Core42’s approach to security is more advanced than traditional SOCs designed for specific needs with limited use cases. Core42’s Cyber Fusion Centre provides a predictive and proactive approach to prevent security threats from happening at all. The integration of Arcanna.AI into Core42's SOC operations underscores their commitment to advancing SOC capabilities further and their unwavering belief in the power of AI-human collaboration.

Cristian Ruta, COO of Arcanna.AI, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: "It's a tremendous privilege to unite with Core42. This underlines the paramount importance Core42 places on its SOC operations, business efficiency, and precision. Furthermore, it highlights the significance of the Human-AI partnership in the modern era of cybersecurity, offering a sustainable means to enhance SOC services."

Ihsan Anabtawi, Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, remarked: “We are delighted to collaborate with Arcanna.AI, leveraging the distinctive strengths of both entities to enhance our cybersecurity services to better protect our customers against security threats. By combining the expertise of our skilled security analysts and engineers with cutting-edge applications like Arcanna.AI, Core42 offers customers a comprehensive perspective on cybersecurity, enabling them to navigate their businesses with heightened awareness, security, and efficiency.

Arcanna.AI has been meticulously engineered to replicate the decision-making processes of cybersecurity experts, relieving the challenges associated with managing high-volume alerts where precision and meticulous attention are indispensable. Employing cutting-edge technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, and the Human-on-the-Loop approach, Arcanna.AI uniquely streamlines the security process, enabling experts to focus on formulating strategic cybersecurity approaches instead of routine tasks.
By entrusting the Arcanna.AI solution, Core42 takes a substantial step towards optimizing its cybersecurity procedures and reducing the incidence of human error.

The partnership between Arcanna.AI and Core42 underscores their joint commitment to delivering top-tier cybersecurity services by merging the potential of artificial intelligence with human expertise and their distinctive skill set. In an era when organizations worldwide grapple with continually evolving digital threats, this partnership establishes a robust benchmark for the fusion of technology and human proficiency to strengthen SOC operations.

About Arcanna.AI
Arcanna.AI, based in New York, United States, is a company dedicated to advancing Decision Intelligence in the cybersecurity industry. Specializing in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, the company leverages the Human-on-the-Loop approach to streamline security processes and harness state-of-the-art tools such as NLP, Deep Learning, and LLMs. This empowerment enables cybersecurity experts to focus on crafting strategic approaches. Arcanna.AI's leadership in advancing decision intelligence is evident through successful collaborations with early adopters, firmly establishing a pioneering role in reshaping Human-AI cooperation within the cybersecurity sector

About Core42
Core42 is the UAE’s national-scale enabler for cloud and generative AI, combining G42’s expertise across multiple technology disciplines into a single platform for public sector and large enterprise transformations. Building on our capabilities as sovereign cloud and HPC specialist, we bring generative AI, cybersecurity, professional and managed services expertise to enable national-scale program deployments across industries.

Arcanna.AI -  Website: www.arcanna.ai LinkedIn: Arcanna.ai
Core42 - Website: www.core42.ai LinkedIn: Core42

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