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Drip7 Launches Version 3.0 of their Gamified Enterprise Software with Expanded Features and Enhanced User Experience

Drip7 Launches Version 3.0 of their Gamified Enterprise Software with Expanded Features and Enhanced User Experience

Drip7 V3.0

Drip7, a gamified Enterprise Software focused on reducing cyber risk through improving Cybersecurity and Compliance education, has launched Version 3.0.

We have had more than one million training sessions. This has given us an opportunity to better understand our clients and how we can improve to meet their needs. The result is Drip7 version 3.0.”

— Heather Stratford, Drip7 Founder and CEO

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Drip7 is excited to announce that version 3.0 was released January 17th, 2024. The new version improves the end user experience and administration of the Drip7 Enterprise Software designed as the next generation of training for cybersecurity and compliance education. The new version is based on customer feedback, focus groups and user interaction. Drip7 is committed to gamifying organizational learning and is at the forefront of a shift in how companies reduce risk by improving their training, security and engagement with employees.

Heather Stratford, Founder and CEO of Drip7, stated, “We have had more than one million training sessions. This has given us an opportunity to better understand our customers and create a more effective way to change behavior and train employees. The result is Drip7 version 3.0.”

Drip7 is an International microlearning training platform that’s both empowering and easy to use. Designed for both large businesses – but can be adapted for small business application. The cutting-edge technology is easy to administer and creates better-trained staff. The full library of content contains training in cybersecurity, compliance, and other essential training areas. Current industries served include: Financial, Medical, Energy, Technology, Transportation, High Education, and Non-Profit Industries but can be adapted to virtually any vertical.

The Drip7 website has also been updated to improve customer service functions, featuring a new user-friendly design, and more information about the software and its uses for specific industries.

Drip7 Version 3.0 can be broken down into different general areas: content customization, measuring engagement, dashboard and user Interface updates, self-directed learning, phishing enhancements, and curriculum scheduling.

“Drip7’s enhanced gamified microlearning platform represents a transformative leap in training methodology, seamlessly elevating engagement and knowledge retention. With its intuitive interface, administrators can effortlessly orchestrate an impactful cybersecurity awareness program, streamlining the process to empower users with essential skills and fortify organizational defenses,” stated Alexia Little, Drip7 Director of Customer Success.

Some areas that are specifically designed into Drip7 Version 3.0 allow users to:

Customize any word in any question.

Add or subtract questions from any curriculum.

Compete with others outside their organization.

See progress on a daily and weekly basis.

Benefit from a tier-based reward system.

Benefit from improved user interface

Enhanced Administration features for segmenting learning curriculums

Benefit from phishing template editability enhancements

Benefit from curriculum delivery control enhancements,

Benefit from curriculum expiration, reporting, and completion abilities

“We’re shifting our focus from points and beating each other to engagement,” says Luke Dupin, Drip7 Chief Technology Officer. When using microlearning to train, it’s about frequency of training and consistent interaction.

“Drip7 is thinking about training in a way that meets the requirements of the enterprise without creating training fatigue. Drip7 ties training to success in a way that is manageable for everyone involved. They are continually adapting to customer needs and encouraging feedback to make the platform better. We had a smooth onramp with responsive expertise for any questions we had,” said Paul Swaim, CIO and Co-Founder of Quantum Star Technologies.

Drip7 was named a 2023 top cybersecurity company in Washington State by Beststartup.

Drip7 Version 3.0 provides a platform that is easy for the end-user to use and management to administer. The result is an increase in employee skills and knowledge retention creating a better training experience for everyone. Employees will be more involved in the training, thanks to microlearning lessons taken on their own time and schedule. Training that is fun and frequent is better retained and adopted. For more information about becoming a customer or a partner with Drip7 please contact our sales team [email protected]. For a free training demo click here.

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