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EVE GENE GAME: The New Black Quiz Game is Now Available as a Mobile App!

You Will Love This Game!

The contributions by Black people in this question-answer game will amaze you!

Finally, a Great Digital Game App That Highlights Amazing Current & Past Contributions of the Black Demographic.”

— Shelley Smith

GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s time to celebrate, recognize and value inspirational Black people and commemorative events that are not taught in primary school? Get ready for the newest and most exciting Black Trivia Game ever! It’s called the EVE GENE GAME! This fun game tests players on their knowledge of current and historical Black facts. It’s the only game of its kind and showcases six different categories to choose from: Pioneers & Inventors, Officials & Executives, Sports, Entertainers & Artists, Civil Rights and Simply Amazing.

Whether you want to increase your own personal knowledge or play with friends and family, you’ll love this game! Download it on Apple Store of Google Play Store and you can try it for free! Search Eve Gene Game on the Apple Store or the Google Play store. You will receive full access for a one-time fee of $4.99! An amazing price for more than 550 questions and answers with 6 fun categories.

Did You Know? We are an amazing PEOPLE with incredible positive contributions to the global society. Unfortunately, these facts aren’t taught in school. The game is named from The Eve Gene, the melanated matriarchal gene discovered in Sub-Saharan Africa from which all humans have evolved. The EVE GENE Game makes the challenge of learning Black Trivia fun and exciting!

Problem Solved: It’s not news that most history books fail to include African American achievements and history—and the small amount taught focuses on the darkest parts. Not the Eve Gene Game, it’s positive and it’s trivia in a quiz game! Eve Gene Game closes that gap between historical and present-day Black excellence and does so in a fun, educational way. At first, the questions will seem difficult, that’s because they are not currently showcased in any meaningful way in our primary educational system, but they are uplifting and extraordinary and you will remember them and enjoy the game in the process!

Rated E for Everyone. The EVE GENE Mobile App is at an introductory price and available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. BLACK INCREDIBLES, makers of the EVE GENE Mobile App and the EVE GENE Tabletop Quiz Card Game, encourages those eager to learn more about Black Trivia to take advantage of EARLY BIRD discounts available for a limited time only. Download today!


For more information on the EVE GENE Mobile App, visit www.evegene.org. For press and media inquiries, promotional photos, and interviews, please email [email protected].


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