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Folio3 successfully re-platformed the “Eco-Products (Novolex Group)” eCommerce website to BigCommerce

Folio3 successfully re-platformed the “Eco-Products (Novolex Group)” eCommerce website to BigCommerce

Folio3 replatformed Eco-Products to BigCommerce, enhancing processes and architecture for better UX and growth, with tailored solutions and improved security.

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Folio3, a BigCommerce development company and certified partner, successfully replatformed to BigCommerce, improving processes and logic while implementing a new architecture. This new setup is designed to provide the best experience for the in-house marketing teams and their valuable customers.

Additionally, focused on delivering a best-in-class UX and driving EcoProducts online growth on BigCommerce.

The Brand

Eco-Products a Novolex brand, and Certified B Corp, has been leading the way in providing the foodservice industry with sustainable packaging solutions for the past two decades. With a commitment to renewable and post-consumer recycled content, Eco-Products offers a wide range of environmentally friendly packaging options. Their commitment extends beyond products, with a BigCommerce platform reflecting their eco-friendly ethos.


The challenge that EcoProducts faced was to standardize the platform and migrate the EcoProduct sites to BigCommerce to safeguard from a few security concerns. Additionally, as the industry has needed to adapt to digital transformation, EcoProducts was looking to re-platform and improve its ecommerce infrastructure to meet the demands of the changing consumer habits and ensure that it could continue to deliver exemplary service to its customers. EcoProducts wanted to ensure that their customers could continue to access their products and services safely and securely, and the decision to re-platform and improve their ecommerce infrastructure was a step in the right direction.

EcoProducts had decided to migrate from its current bespoke platform to BigCommerce, a partner capable of providing customers with a far superior online experience. They needed an agency and technology partner with experience building BigCommerce websites. They were looking for an extension of their team that would help them to continue to grow, ensure that internal processes and systems are updated to meet the demands of the online horticulture industry, and remain competitive in the market. Folio3, with a partnership-based approach, took this opportunity to unlock online growth for them.

Eco-Products needed more from their e-commerce platform to meet their unique needs:

– Targeted Product Visibility: They wanted to control which products specific customer groups could see. While BigCommerce allowed assigning products to categories for certain groups, individual product control wasn’t readily available.

– State-Specific Product Restrictions: Certain products had shipping restrictions based on the customer’s state. Eco-Products needed a way to prevent purchases of restricted items while suggesting alternative options.

– Customer Group Specific Payment Terms: Ideally, Eco-Products desired to offer different payment options (e.g., net terms) based on customer groups. However, this advanced functionality was only available in BigCommerce’s B2B edition, which they weren’t using.

– ERP Integration Customizations

– Order Split for Specific Units of Measure (UOM): They requested that if an order is placed for a specific UOM (e.g., a single unit), it should be split into a separate order within the eCommerce platform. Subsequently, both orders should sync to their ERP system (e.g., Oracle NetSuite). This requirement stems from the need to manage the inventory of single units from a separate location within the ERP.

– Additional Order Attributes: They needed additional attributes within the order and line items payload when orders are synced from BigCommerce to the ERP.

Solutions: Building a Customized Experience

Folio3 performed a few discovery sessions. Following their processes of story and assumption mapping their key ecommerce features and requirements, it was clear BigCommerce was going to be the perfect solution for them. Chosen for its open SaaS nature to allow customization and development by Folio3’s development team.

With this site migration, EcoProducts wanted to have their custom designs, so Folio3’s UX team enabled this by implementing the design they provided with some best practice tweaks to improve the user experience.

Additionally, Folio3 development team implemented the following solutions for their requirements:

– Targeted Visibility:
To enable customer group-specific product visibility, a private app was created by Folio3. This involved creating duplicate categories and assigning products to specific groups. As a BigCommerce app development company, the Folio3 team developed a private app on BigCommerce that managed this process, ensuring a specific product selection for each customer group.

– State-Based Product Restrictions:
To handle item state restrictions, Folio3 integrated ShipperHQ into the checkout process. Upon cart review, a customized solution developed by Folio3 identified the customer’s shipping address and verified if any state-specific restrictions applied to certain products. If a product was restricted, the customer was prompted with alternative options available for purchase. Additionally, Folio3’s private app allowed toggling state restrictions for specific customer groups, providing further flexibility.

– Customized Payment Terms:
Folio3 customized the checkout process to display relevant payment methods based on the user group. Administrators could configure net terms for specific groups through the private app, creating a seamless checkout experience for all.

– ERP Integration Customizations
– Order Split for Specific Units of Measure (UOM): A webhook was implemented to split orders into separate orders once they are placed.

– Additional Order Attributes: The same order webhook was utilized to include additional attributes at both the order and line-item levels.

The results are In

By overcoming these challenges with innovative solutions and integrations, Eco-Products now using an enhanced e-commerce website on the BigCommerce platform. It offers increased flexibility for both customers and administrators, ultimately fostering a more specific and successful e-commerce experience.

Future Considerations
The EcoProducts team also plans to migrate more of their sites to BigCommerce and may utilize the BigCommerce multi-storefront feature. Additionally, they might consider using BigCommerce B2B in the future.

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