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Further Streamlining the Web3 Development

Further Streamlining the Web3 Development

Unification of Best Smart Contracts

Seamless Integration with Other Tools

Time-Saving Solutions

Pre-made Docs and Transparent Code


SF and Toronto-based startup transforming how developers build on blockchain launches Unified Smart Contracts alongside the world’s first unified Web3 API.

SAN FRANCISO, CALIFORNIA, December 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Uniblock, the world’s first provider of a Unified Web3 API, announces the launch of its new tool, Unified Smart Contracts, marking a significant milestone in simplifying Web3 development. With this new feature, developers can access a comprehensive set of the most popular smart contracts (such as Simple ERC20 by Openzeppelin, ERC721A by Azuki, and more) all within Uniblock’s Web3 API.

Unifying Smart Contract Technology

The Unified Smart Contracts platform is designed to streamline the complex landscape of blockchain development. By combining top-tier smart contracts into one accessible platform, Uniblock saves developers considerable time and effort. This unification process allows for more efficient development cycles, fostering innovation and creativity in the blockchain space.

Simplifying the Developer Experience & Pre-Made Docs

Recognizing the pivotal role of smart contracts in blockchain technology, Uniblock has developed a user-friendly interface that offers pre-made documentation and transparent code. This feature addresses a crucial need in the developer community for a simplified, efficient development process. With everything available in one place, developers can now focus on creating rather than configuring.

Customer-Driven Innovation

The launch of Unified Smart Contracts is a direct response to customer feedback and demand. Uniblock’s commitment to listening to its user base and adapting its offerings accordingly has been a key driver of its continued success and innovation in the blockchain industry.

A One-Stop Solution for Developers

Uniblock’s latest offering is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that gives developers access to the best data, market access tools, and now, superior smart contracts – all from one feature. This integration is a testament to Uniblock’s mission to provide the most efficient and effective tools for blockchain development.

About Uniblock

Uniblock empowers Web3 developers by providing a single platform with access to all essential Web3 tools. We offer normalized data across various Web3 platforms, complete with backup and error handling. Our goal is to consolidate the top Web3 integrations into one comprehensive toolkit, allowing developers to scale their projects seamlessly. We’re committed to partnering with leading tools like Alchemy, ThirdWeb, Moralis, Parsiq, and QuickNode to streamline integrations across all Web3 categories, including DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Tokens, Security, On-ramp, and more. With Uniblock, developers can trust in the consistent delivery of their data, even in the face of service disruptions.


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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/676431889/uniblock-launches-unified-smart-contracts-further-streamlining-the-web3-development

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