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Global Non-Profit Launches to Advance Eco-Friendly Deathcare

Formation of the Natural Organic Reduction Association (NORA) Announced at TerraCon 2024

Today marks the official formation of the Natural Organic Reduction Association (NORA), a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to promoting the environmentally conscious practice of natural organic reduction (NOR), also known as Terramation. This pioneering association unites individuals and organizations committed to offering a sustainable end-of-life option that leaves a minimal carbon footprint, aligning with the growing global consciousness around ecological stewardship.

Mission and Vision: NORA's mission is to foster broader awareness, support, and legislative progress for NOR as an end-of-life choice accessible to all, regardless of their geographic location. The association aims to be the nexus for legislators drafting laws to permit natural organic reduction, a hub for educating end-of-life professionals about NOR practices, and a primary information resource for media professionals and the public. NORA's commitment is deeply rooted in providing compassionate and dignified end-of-life care, with a strong focus on sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

Leadership Announcement: NORA proudly announces the appointment of Dan Ziskin, PhD, as its Executive Director. Dr. Ziskin brings a wealth of expertise to the role, having served as a research scientist at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Aeronautic & Space Administration (NASA) and National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). He is also a co-founder of The Natural Funeral and The Natural Transition, reflecting his deep commitment to sustainable end-of-life practices. His leadership is expected to propel NORA's mission and vision forward, harnessing his experience in scientific research and compassionate care.

Founding Members: The association proudly announces its founding members, who are leaders in the field of sustainable end-of-life care:

  • Micah Truman, CEO of Return Home
  • Seth Viddal, co-owner/COO of The Natural Funeral
  • Max Huesch and Pablo Metz, co-founders of MEINE ERDE
  • Joerg Litwinschuh-Barthel, CEO of Stiftung Reerdigung (Foundation Reerdigung)

These trailblazers bring their extensive experience and passion for ecological sustainability to NORA, reinforcing the association's commitment to making a significant impact in the realm of end-of-life care.

A Word From the Executive Director: Dan Ziskin shared his vision for the association. "At NORA, we believe our final act can be one of kindness — to our loved ones, to society, and critically, to the planet. Natural Organic Reduction is not just an alternative; it's a statement of our respect and responsibility towards the Earth. As we pave the way for this sustainable practice, we invite communities, legislators, and end-of-life professionals to join us in this compassionate revolution."

Looking Forward: NORA is committed to being a catalyst for change in the funeral industry, advocating for a future where everyone has the opportunity to choose a departure that aligns with their environmental values. Through collaboration, education, and advocacy, NORA envisions a world where natural organic reduction is a universally accepted and respected choice, reflecting our collective dedication to preserving our planet for future generations.

For more information about NORA, visit www.nora.earth  or contact [email protected].

Contact Information:
Dan Ziskin
Executive Director
[email protected]

Original Source: Global Non-Profit Launches to Advance Eco-Friendly Deathcare
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