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Goldshell HS Box II, a Superior Siacoin Handshake Miner, is now available exclusively at Crypto Miner Bros

Goldshell’s advanced ASIC miner, HS Box II, hashes Handshake at 460Gh/s & Blake2b-Sia at 1200Gh/s, with power consumption of SC 325W & HNS 400W.

KOWLOON CITY, HONG KONG, February 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Crypto Miner Bros, a renowned mining hardware distributor based in Hong Kong, meets the evolving needs of miners worldwide by bringing the newly launched mining hardware promptly to its customers. Recently launched in January 2024, Goldshell HS Box II is now available on Crypto Miner Bros.

With Bitcoin halving date nearing in April 2024, the crypto mining industry is expected to undergo drastic changes in the upcoming months. While some miners focus on mining Bitcoin and capitalize on the halving time to make significant profits, others prefer mining alternative cryptocurrencies.

Handshake (HNS) and Siacoin (SC) are potential alternative cryptocurrencies that have had good price performance in the last few months. Thus, the arrival of Goldshell HS Box II, which is finely optimized for both the Handshake and Blake 2b-Sia mining algorithms with excellent hash rate and energy efficiency, has attracted many crypto mining enthusiasts who are keen on alternative cryptocurrencies.

Goldshell HS Box II comes with an industry-standard design, a compact dimension of 178 x 150 x 84mm, and a weight of 2000g, enabling miners to mine comfortably from anywhere. Moreover, Goldshell HS Box II has an efficient air cooling system with two high-speed fans to dissipate the heat generated by the crypto mining process instantly.

Cryptomining is often a noisy process, and most ASICs, especially the air-cooled ones, make significant noise. However, Goldshell HS Box II is a silent miner with a reduced noise level of 35 dB, ensuring a convenient mining experience for miners.

The ideal atmospheric temperature for Goldshell HS Box II is 0 – 35 °C, whereas the humidity is 0 – 65 %. Thus, placing your HS Box II in such an aerated place is mandatory. Moreover, HS Box II doesn’t have wifi support like most ASICs. Hence, having a dedicated wired internet connection is crucial.

To summarize, Crypto Miner Bros strives its best to bring high-quality mining hardware from reputed manufacturers to every crypto miner worldwide. Miners can find all premium quality ASICs from top-notch manufacturers optimized for several cryptocurrencies on the Crypto Miner Bros website. Crypto Miner Bros provides dedicated assistance for its customers throughout their buying journey.

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