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Hoverfly Technologies Celebrates Major Milestone: Over 500 Tethered Drone Systems Sold to the Army

With the most recent order of $14 Million from the US Army, Hoverfly continues to prove why it is the leader in tethered drone technology

Hoverfly Soars to New Heights

Hoverfly Spectre 2.0 - their newest tethered drone model - flies at 200 feet with Logos MicroKestrel WAMI.

Hoverfly Technologies, the leading engineering design and manufacturer of tethered drone systems, proudly announces the receipt of a significant purchase order for 120 systems, spare parts, and accessories totaling $14 million. This order is also a significant milestone: over 500 Hoverfly tethered drone systems have been sold to the US Army. These state-of-the-art systems are being employed across the globe, delivering unparalleled capabilities in both communication and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).

Hoverfly's tethered drones are at the forefront of modern military technology. All Hoverfly systems are payload agnostic, allowing for many different applications. These systems serve various roles including as a Variable Height Antennas (VHA), on demand, persistent ISR, flying Counter-UAS payloads, or even flying EW payloads. The primary use case for the Army is tethered UAS providing dramatic range extension for communication networks by flying tactical radios, allowing for a tactically repositionable antenna at heights up to 200 feet with the simple press of a button. This capability ensures robust and extended communication networks, crucial for mission success in diverse and challenging environments.

"Our tethered drones represent a leap forward in communication, situational awareness, counter drone, and electronic warfare capabilities," said Steve Walters, CEO of Hoverfly Technologies. "Surpassing 500 systems sold to the US Army underscores the trust and reliance placed on our technology. Our tethered systems are enabling technologies that make advanced network, ISR, EW and CUAS payloads even better by getting them above the tree line and ground clutter. Soldiers operating our systems during tactical exercises, consistently report that our drones significantly enhance their operational effectiveness, giving our forces a significant tactical advantage."

The systems are designed to operate in all weather conditions and can be deployed from both manned and unmanned vehicles or vessels. Hoverfly's tethered drones can remain airborne for hours or even days, far surpassing the operational limits of traditional unmanned aerial systems. This extended flight duration is made possible through a continuous power and data transmission via the tether, which also ensures the system's security from jamming, hacking, or interception. To further minimize the risks of jamming or detection, Hoverfly tethered drones do not produce any RF emissions and can operate proficiently in GPS contested environments – a feature that has proven to be extremely valuable in present robotic warfare.

The US Army's deployment of Hoverfly's tethered drones across various global locations highlights their versatility and reliability in enhancing communication networks and providing on-demand, persistent ISR. These capabilities are essential for maintaining operational readiness and effectiveness in modern military operations.

Hoverfly Technologies continues to innovate and lead in the field of tethered drone systems, committed to providing advanced solutions that meet the evolving needs of defense and security forces worldwide.

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