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Panel Built Inc Upgrades to Smooth Steel Skins for Modular Panels

Panel Built Inc. has announced today that it has upgraded its modular panel steel skins from the previous stucco-embossed standard to a new, 26-gauge smooth-steel standard.

The smooth steel skins are a convenient, durable alternative to the previous stucco standard for Panel Built's products.

"Upgrading our steel skins to smooth 24-gauge vs stucco embossed provides many benefits to our customers", says Lee Baenniger, production manager at Panel Built Inc. "The heavier gauge provides more structural strength and allows PBI to address more stringent customer requirements such as higher wind load ratings."

Along with the structural benefits, the shift to smooth steel requires less processing by PBI's vendor, resulting in a higher-quality product with minimized visual defects.

In addition to the new smooth steel paneling, Panel Built continues to offer a diverse range of panel options, including:

  • Ballistic Rated Paneling
  • Perfect for guard houses, access control points, or other security areas, Panel Built's ballistic-rated panels are made to match the standards of the Department of Justice or the UL.
  • SoundStop Board Paneling
  • If you're working in a noisy environment, our SoundStop boards can provide the quiet you need. With a sound transmission coefficient (STC) 31, our panels can dampen the noise from the loudest industrial environments.
  • Fire Rated Wall Panels
  • For workplaces that deal with flammable materials, fire-rated walls are a must-have. Our specialized wall panels have earned a 1-hour fire rating, giving your workers more time to get to safety and professionals more time to put out the fire.

The stucco-embossed skins will still be available as an option upon request.

The smooth steel panels are available now. For more information on Panel Built's modular office solutions, consult our product page.

About Panel Built Inc.: From modular offices to military tower systems, Panel Built has experience engineering, designing, and installing structures for various commercial, military, government, and industrial customers. Panel Built operates under one mission, "To Solve Our Customers' Space Needs With Excellence And Great Customer Service."

Contact Information:
Elizabeth Satterfield
Marketing Manager
[email protected]
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