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Rivers are Life Premieres ‘Mr. Trash Wheel’ Highlighting the Power of Baltimore Harbor’s Iconic Cleanup Invention

Today, Rivers are Life unveils its latest film highlighting the innovative cleanup efforts made by local River Hero John Kellett, his nephew, Cy Appleby-Kellett, and their partner organization, Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, in Maryland’s Jones Falls River and Baltimore Harbor. Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is a historic seaport, tourist attraction, and landmark that historically suffered from generations of industrial pollution, extensive hardscape, and widespread littering. The film, “Mr. Trash Wheel,” tells the story of the harbor’s trash interceptor, a vessel and endearing character that has gone viral for removing trash from the Jones Falls River as it empties into the Inner Harbor.

Engineer and sailor John Kellett worked on the harbor for 20 years, where he was confronted on a daily basis with the negative impact pollution was having on Baltimore’s biggest attraction. After studying the problem, researching the systems available on the market, and finding nothing adequate, he was inspired to invent a system for tackling it. Thus, Mr. Trash Wheel was born.

“There should be a way to stop this trash before it spreads out,” John said. “So, I thought, you know, maybe I should give it a try.”

Over the past nine years, Mr. Trash Wheel and three other “trash interceptors” have gobbled up over 2,300 tons of trash in the Baltimore Harbor. The Trash Wheels use renewable energy and are placed in strategic locations within the harbor, where the water flow brings the most trash after it rains.

The beloved Mr. Trash Wheel has, against all odds, cleaned up the once-thought-to-be uncleanable Baltimore Harbor, and in doing so has rallied a community around the cause – from a local brewmaster and fishermen to the iconic Baltimore Hons and beyond.

Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore brought “Mr. Trash Wheel” to life with the addition of googly eyes and anthropomorphic social media personas, which propelled Mr. Trash Wheel to international stardom, bringing much-needed attention to plastic pollution and the innovative solution. Fans and supporters keep Mr. Trash Wheel churning through annual volunteer events, fan appreciation fundraisers, merchandise like T-shirts and plushies and more.

“Mr. Trash Wheel” highlights the power of problem-solving and innovative solutions in response to pollution, while reminding us that there is hope for many of the environmental challenges our communities face, so long as we come together for the cause.

The full “Mr. Trash Wheel” film can be viewed on Rivers are Life’s platform here.

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Katie Horning
Head of Brand, Rivers are Life Brand Division, BeAlive Inc.
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Original Source: Rivers are Life Premieres 'Mr. Trash Wheel' Highlighting the Power of Baltimore Harbor’s Iconic Cleanup Invention
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