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TDL Plastic Mould CO., Ltd: Shaping Excellence in Injection Molding, Manufacturing, and Mold Design

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

TDL Plastic Mould CO., Ltd, with over 28 years of leading the manufacturing industry in the areas of plastic injection molding, mold design, and manufacturing, sees it befitting to announce its continuous commitment to precision and innovation. Naturally, they have been unwavering in their dedication to a customer-centric approach to production and quality which has created a place for them as a global innovator in the injection molding field.

Since its inception in 1995, TDL has been a trailblazer, especially in innovative solutions for mold design and mold manufacturing. Additionally, they have gained trusted partners based on their extensive experience and particularly their forward-thinking approach. Moreover, these business partners have come from various industries ranging from automotive components and consumer electronics to medical devices with TDL leaving its indelible marks on these various sectors.

However, for TDL, innovation is a way of life and not just a frame of reference. They have consistently proven this across a bouquet of services which includes product design, mold design, CNC machining, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and surface finishing. This comprehensive suite of services provides bespoke solutions for clients across the different industries ensuring that they get whatever their requirements are all under one roof.

Additionally, TDL’s commitment to quality is absolute and never changing as demonstrated over the years in their products and services. The paramount importance they place on quality is authenticated in their rigorous quality assurance measures and advanced testing equipment, including optical inspection tools, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), and hardness testers. These tools are in place to guarantee that every product regardless of the volume of production meets every stringent industry specification and international quality standards.

Consequently, innovation has consistently driven every one of their successes with the different departments plugging into this innovative spirit. Practically every team in the company is made up of highly experienced professionals in their various fields. These veterans adopt innovative foresight as they push the boundaries of injection molding, mold design, and manufacturing. This path of innovation is responsible for TDL’s constant designation as an industry trailblazer.

Furthermore, TDL has garnered various international certifications and honors over the years, which stand as a testament to its pursuit and commitment to quality and service. These recognitions reinforce TDL's status as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses around the world.

"Over the past 28 years, TDL has stood as a symbol of precision, innovation, and unwavering dedication to our clients. We are thrilled to reach this milestone, and we look ahead with excitement as we continue to shape the future of mold design and manufacturing. Our clients are not just partners; they are the driving force behind our innovation. We appreciate them for their trust and commitment to excellence, as we continue to deliver best-in-class services to them," said Emma Zhu, Project Manager.

Contact Information:
Emma Zhu
Projector Director
[email protected]

Jason Xie
[email protected]

Original Source: TDL Plastic Mould CO., Ltd: Shaping Excellence in Injection Molding, Manufacturing, and Mold Design
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