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VeroWear LLC Launches Innovative Sportswear Brand With a Mission to Transform Fashion, Health, and Sustainability

New activewear line uses recycled nylon to create eco-friendly fabric with ergonomic properties

VeroWear LLC

VeroWear activewear for sustainable, healthy, ergonomic fashion

VeroWear LLC announces the launch of a sportswear brand dedicated to redefining fashion as a force for good, creating products that are not only innovative but also resonate with the values of eco-conscious consumers.

VeroWear LLC's mission is to provide women with technologically advanced, stylistic sportswear featuring unique ergonomic characteristics and manufacturing practices that reduce the environmental pollution created by standard textile production. A significant portion of VeroWear's profits will support charities focused on improving the planet and human health.

The heart of VeroWear's innovation lies in its fabric. The brand exclusively utilizes Econyl®, a luxurious material woven from regenerated nylon derived from environmental sources such as ocean and aquaculture fish nets and landfills. The harvested nylon is dissolved, carefully cleaned, scientifically reconstructed, and spun into virgin soft thread, which is then woven and colored using environmentally friendly procedures. The resulting fabric is often compared to silk due to its soft, lustrous texture and gentle stretch. Econyl is created in Italy by Aquafil using a patented process that minimizes energy consumption; its production not only repurposes environmental waste but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional textile manufacturing, one of the world's largest sources of CO2 emissions.

VeroWear is more than an eco-friendly activewear option. The design and development of the products are rooted in serious ergonomics and kinesiology. Econyl, though lightweight, possesses distinct compression properties that are designed to reduce fatigue and improve circulation, making VeroWear an ideal choice for active women of all ages and lifestyles, from serious athletes to on-the-go moms.

The VeroWear collection is designed by Italian co-founder Gianluca Zacchia, whose lifelong expertise and creativity in artistic design are instrumental in bringing to life the vision of VeroWear’s President and co-founder, Dr. Anthony H. Cincotta, and his daughter Emma Concetta Cincotta, Director of Marketing & Development. The Cincottas’ joint health and fashion consciousness, entrepreneurial talent and environmental passion are fueled by Zacchia’s designs, which infuse VeroWear products with the vibrant colors and energy of life, nature, and well-being.

The brand marked its U.S. launch with a new website that offers shoppers an immersive experience featuring fresh, energizing images and motivational messages. VeroWearUSA.com aspires to empower women to feel confident, be healthy, and make a societal difference through their clothing. “VeroWear recognizes the importance of promoting positive body health and the role women play as catalysts of change,” said Dr. Cincotta, CEO. "We believe that fashion should be beautiful, sustainable, and ethically motivated.”

VeroWear USA is located at 1334 Main Road, Tiverton, RI 02878. For more information, visit their website at https://verowearusa.com/ or call (781) 697-5133.

Contact Information:
Lisa Mirabile
President & CEO
[email protected]

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