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VoltAero Joins the ‘Power Up’ Initiative to Support the Introduction of Electric Regional Air Mobility in Europe

Jean Botti, VoltAero?s CEO & Chief Technology Officer

Jean Botti, VoltAero?s CEO & Chief Technology Officer, signs the Power Up memorandum of understanding in Eindhoven.

VoltAero’s expertise as the developer and producer of its Cassio electric-hybrid aircraft family will benefit the “Power Up” grouping of 18 partners whose goal is to facilitate and accelerate the introduction of electric regional air mobility in Europe.

With this week’s signing of the Power Up initiative’s memorandum of understanding (MoU), VoltAero will participate in test flights focused on the Netherlands to help define operational procedures and the passenger experience with electric aircraft in inter-regional air transportation. 

Other aviation and mobility organizations signing the Power Up MoU include multiple airports in the Netherlands (Eindhoven Airport, Groningen Airport Eelde, Lelystad Airport, Maastricht Aachen Airport, and Rotterdam The Hague Airport), along with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the Dutch Railways, the Netherlands Aerospace Center and several consultancies.

“The Power Up initiative is an excellent opportunity to show how Cassio and other e-airplanes offer the solution to introducing a new era of efficient air mobility with low-carbon emissions and reduced noise,” said Jean Botti, VoltAero’s CEO and Chief Technology Officer, who attended the Power Up MoU signing event in Eindhoven. “As we progress toward Cassio’s production and service introduction, we are proud to partner with the Power Up initiative in pioneering sustainable aviation.”

VoltAero’s Cassio aircraft family will be a highly capable and reliable product line for regional commercial operators, air taxi/charter companies, private owners, as well as in utility-category service for cargo, postal delivery and medical evacuation (Medevac) applications.

By integrating VoltAero’s patented electric-hybrid propulsion system into the company’s purpose-designed airframe, Cassio will deliver an order of magnitude higher performance as compared to the current competition, and provide significantly lower operational costs.

The VoltAero propulsion concept is unique: Cassio aircraft will utilize an electric motor in the aft fuselage-mounted hybrid propulsion unit for all-electric power during taxi, takeoff, primary flight (if the distance traveled is less than 150 km.), and landing. The hybrid feature – with an internal combustion engine – comes into play as a range extender, recharging the batteries while in flight. Additionally, this hybrid element serves as a backup in the event of a problem with the electric propulsion, ensuring true fail-safe functionality.

VoltAero’s first production aircraft version will be the Cassio 330, with a four/five-seat interior configuration and operating on a combined electric-hybrid propulsion power of 330 kilowatts. It is to be followed by the six-seat Cassio 480 with a combined electric-hybrid propulsion power of 480 kilowatts, and the Cassio 600 – sized at a 10/12-seat capacity with electric-hybrid propulsion power of 600 kilowatts.

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