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Illinois-Based WaterSurplus Steps Up to Aid Louisiana Amidst Mississippi River Saltwater Crisis

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems staged for deployment to the lower Mississippi River region.

America’s latest drinking water crisis is taking place in southern Louisiana, thanks to the intrusion of a dense layer of saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico into the Mississippi River. Yet local residents retain access to healthy drinking water, thanks in part to a Rockford-area company. 

Loves Park, Illinois-based WaterSurplus, a leading provider of water treatment technologies, is sending state-of-the-art reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems to Louisiana to counter the saltwater surge — enough to produce more than four million gallons of potable water per day. WaterSurplus, working in partnership with agencies, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is deploying nearly its entire supply of rental RO assets to address the crisis. 

"Saltwater intrusion poses a serious threat to the communities and businesses along the lower Mississippi River, and we’re proud to help ensure that people in southern Louisiana maintain access to healthy water,” said John Barelli, President of WaterSurplus. "Our reverse osmosis equipment is a powerful tool in addressing the environmental issues driving the saltwater intrusion, and we stand ready to collaborate with local communities, businesses, and government agencies to provide effective and sustainable delivery of clean, healthy water.”

WaterSurplus's RO equipment is especially effective in helping Mississippi River communities and environmental officials mitigate the challenges caused by saltwater intrusion:

Desalination: RO systems are designed for the removal of salt and other contaminants from water sources.

24/7 Monitoring: When necessary, WaterSurplus's experienced team of technicians and engineers can continuously monitor the operating parameters of RO systems, anticipate operational challenges due to changing conditions, and recommend or implement adjustments to operational parameters.

Scalability: WaterSurplus offers a range of equipment sizes and capacities to address the diverse requirements of customers, from small-scale operations to large industrial and municipal processes. 

In recognition of the increasing frequency of saltwater intrusion events in the region, many customers are also beginning the process of integrating WaterSurplus’s patented ImpactRO into their permanent water treatment systems. This revolutionary reverse osmosis system dramatically increases the efficiency and recovery capabilities of a traditional RO. This represents a large step toward creating a sustainable, long-term solution for addressing the ongoing challenges posed by saltwater intrusion and freshwater scarcity.

For more information on ImpactRO, visit watersurplus.com/innovation/#ImpactRO

For more information on Water Surplus’ rental division and RO equipment, visit watersurplus.com/rental/



WaterSurplus delivers sustainable water treatment solutions across industries and around the world. Since its founding in 1989, innovation has been the hallmark of WaterSurplus. Today, that is represented by high-efficiency ImpactRO reverse osmosis systems, fouling-resistant NanoStack membrane elements, rapid-response PFAS treatment, pre-engineered filtration systems, a proprietary line of catalytic media, a ready-to-run rental fleet, and the availability advantage provided by WaterSurplus’s original surplus water treatment equipment marketplace. For more information, please visit watersurplus.com.

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Original Source: Illinois-Based WaterSurplus Steps Up to Aid Louisiana Amidst Mississippi River Saltwater Crisis
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