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New Facility to Drive Growth and Employment for the City of Independence

Independence Premium Foods Announces Ownership of Former Pet Food Production Facility

Independence Premium Foods (IPF) is thrilled to announce that it will assume ownership of a former pet food production facility in Independence, Iowa, starting December 1. With a heart for the town of Independence and a vision for the future, IPF is on a mission to boost the local economy and bring more jobs to the community, while focusing on the highest food safety and quality standards. 

“As the Mayor of Independence, I am elated to witness Independence Premium Foods breathe new life into our community by acquiring the former Pet Food manufacturing facility,” said Mayor Brad Bleichner. “This transformative move not only marks a strategic business decision but also symbolizes the adaptive spirit of Independence. We welcome Independence Premium Foods with open arms, recognizing their commitment to repurpose and reinvigorate a facility with a storied history. This venture not only adds economic value but also reinforces our town's resilience and ability to evolve. We are excited about the prospects of collaboration and growth as we embrace this exciting chapter in Independence's journey.”

IPF is seeking to build strong business partnerships, promote teamwork and nurture the local community of Independence. With the goal to become a leading manufacturer of superior-quality foods, IPF is dedicated to delivering creative and scalable solutions to partners through their expertise in quality, safety and excellence.

“As City Manager of Independence, I am excited to welcome Independence Premium Foods to our community,” said Independence City Manager Matthew R. Schmitz. “Their decision to invest in and revitalize a long-standing facility in our town is not just a business transaction, it's a commitment to our shared future. This endeavor not only brings economic opportunities but also strengthens the fabric of Independence, creating a bridge between our rich history and a promising tomorrow. Independence Premium Foods exemplifies the spirit of progress, and we look forward to the positive impact their presence will have on our vibrant community.”

IPF has a big promise to keep – to support the town of Independence by rehiring many of the hard-working individuals who previously lost their jobs. IPF is focused on backing long-term employees and providing jobs to the local community. They are also proud to announce that many original team leaders have stayed on board and will help lead the new facility and new hires. 

“At Independence Premium Foods, we don’t just offer jobs, we’re building careers and supporting our community,” said Human Resources Manager Maria Drilling. “Our focus is on empowering each individual, creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and can contribute to our shared success in Independence.”

Independence Premium Foods demonstrates a firm commitment to excellence in food safety and quality. The company is investing in significant enhancements to its facilities, ensuring compliance with USDA and FDA certification requirements, and reflecting its dedication to maintaining the highest standards in every aspect of its operations.

“The IPF leadership team could not be more excited to start building a local team here in Independence,” said Jereb Pape, IPF’s plant manager. “Our mission is very clear – to establish ourselves as a leader in food manufacturing for countless years ahead. Our commitment to our team members and the surrounding community will be the key driver in turning this vision into a tangible reality.”

To learn more about Independence Premium Foods and its work in the community, please contact Jereb Pape at [email protected]. For information about working at IPF, please contact Maria Drilling at [email protected] or visit the website at ipfiowa.com.

About Independence Premium Foods 

Independence Premium Foods, a portfolio company of Chafia Capital Partners – a real estate investment and private equity firm, is dedicated to creating superior-quality foods while nurturing the community it serves. Located in Independence, Iowa, IPF strives to become a beacon of safety and innovation in the food production industry. Its mission extends to building strong business partnerships and promoting teamwork while adhering to quality, safety and excellence in the food production industry.

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Jereb Pape
Plant Manager
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