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Nucleos Launches “Achieve DXP” to Revolutionize Education & Workforce Development

Pioneering digital experience platform empowers learners, educators, and agencies to unlock opportunities.

With Achieve DXP, we’re providing a single platform that makes it simple to track progress, deliver impactful content, and gain visibility into outcomes.”

— Noah Freedman, CEO

SANTA CRUZ, CA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nucleos, a public benefit corporation dedicated to promoting a more just society through education and training , announces the launch of Achieve DXPTM, a transformative digital experience platform modernizing educational technology for corrections, workforce development, schools, and government agencies. Achieve DXP consolidates disparate educational platforms into one unified system, uniquely offering a comprehensive feature set that empowers learners to reach their full potential, equips educators with powerful tools to drive engagement, and enables program directors to enhance outcomes through data-driven insights. The platform seamlessly integrates with a vast network of best-in-class content partners, including Coursera, Vant4ge, Western Governors University, Google Classroom & Workspace, Core Learning Exchange, Canvas, and over 70+ other apps, to deliver top-quality educational experiences.

“Our mission is to break down barriers that hinder access to education and connect learning to academic goals and career opportunities. With Achieve DXP, we’re providing a single platform that makes it simple to track progress, deliver impactful content, and gain visibility into outcomes. We believe everyone deserves access to 21st century learning opportunities that unlock their potential,” stated Noah Freedman, CEO and Co-founder of Nucleos.

Education institutions, corrections agencies, and workforce development programs leveraging

Achieve DXP can expect to see a measurable impact on key initiatives:

• Improve Educational Outcomes: Achieve DXP helps track and improve outcomes across

courseware tools for educational attainment. Schools can gather insights for reporting

and data-driven improvements.

• Accelerate Job Readiness: Align educational programs with labor market needs to

develop a skilled, resilient workforce.

• Streamline Program Administration: Centralize user management, content delivery, and

reporting to drive operational efficiency.

Reduce recidivism: Corrections and re-entry agencies can provide incarcerated individuals with in-demand skills and credentials to improve employment prospects and reduce reoffending. Early adopters have reported reductions as great as 56% in recidivism who have been using the platform.

“We’re excited to partner with Nucleos to bring educational opportunities to the justice involved, whether their goal is to learn new skills, advance their education, explore a career path, or unlock job prospects post release,” said Kevin Mills, Head of Coursera for Government.

The integration of the Coursera on-line courses and credentialed programs with Achieve DXP will enable easy access to the broad variety of Coursera on-line courses and credentialed programs to deliver job-relevant learning at scale – more details in the recent announcement: Nucleos & iT1 Partner with Coursera to Provide High-Quality Education & Career Training for Justice-Involved Populations.

Achieve DXP is built upon Nucleos’ proven technology, which has powered successful education initiatives at agencies including the Virgin Islands Bureau of Corrections, Wyoming Department of Corrections, San Francisco Sheriff’s Office, Placer Adult School, Bernalillo County Charter School, and supporting state and local agencies across 6 states.

# Ian Dunnington, iT1, VP of Government Sales and Programs:

“iT1 is excited to partner with Nucleos to deliver a unified digital learning experience to seamlessly integrate a broad selection of learning applications. The release of the Achieve DXP product is a real game changer for the edtech industry. It addresses the historical issues associated with fragmented learning data, limited goals tracking and access to progress records. We look forward to working with the Nucleos team to deploy Achieve DXP across the education and correctional markets and to expand access to opportunities that deliver impactful workforce readiness initiatives.”

To learn more about Achieve DXP and how it can drive education and workforce development outcomes at your organization, visit www.nucleos.com.

# Learn More

To learn more, visit www.nucleos.com, or connect with Nucleos at the ASU+GSV AI Revolution in Education Conference,

Noah Freedman, CEO of Nucleos, an ASU+GSV Cup 2023 Elite 200 award winner, will be attending the ASU+GSV AI Revolution in Education conference on Monday, April 10, 2024. As a recognized leader in the education technology space, Nucleos is excited to showcase Achieve DXP and its potential to revolutionize education and workforce development.

# About Nucleos

Nucleos is a public benefit corporation on a mission to promote a more just society through education and training. The company’s digital experience platform, Achieve DXP, delivers secure, data-driven learning solutions for school systems, corrections, workforce development, and government agencies. Nucleos partners with leading content providers to empower underserved communities with accessible, high-quality education that builds career readiness.


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