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Ritani Comments on the Radiant Love of Torrey DeVitto’s Mesmerizing Engagement Ring

A Radiant Tale of Love: Torrey DeVitto's Exquisite Engagement Ring Steals the Spotlight

Ritani Engagement Ring

Ritani, the renowned online jeweler, is thrilled to extend congratulations to actress Torrey DeVitto on her recent engagement with Director Jared LaPine. The couple, whose love story unfolded over six months, shared the exciting news, revealing their exquisite radiant-cut diamond engagement ring.

Ritani's Head of Product, Ria Papasifakis, provided expert commentary on the exceptional design and craftsmanship of DeVitto's engagement ring. Papasifakis praised the choice of a radiant-cut diamond, highlighting its unique combination of the elegance of emerald-cut diamonds and the dazzling brilliance of round-cut diamonds.

DeVitto, known for her roles in popular TV series, such as Chicago Med, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars, shared the heartwarming details of the engagement. The picturesque proposal took place in early September on the back trails of DeVitto's farm, capturing a moment of pure intimacy and love. LaPine, in a thoughtful gesture, presented DeVitto with a radiant-cut diamond engagement ring set on a slim yellow gold band.

Ria Papasifakis, Ritani's Head of Product, expressed admiration for the ring's design, stating, "The radiant-cut diamond chosen by Torrey DeVitto is a timeless and elegant choice. Its rectangular shape with cropped corners exudes sophistication. When set in a solitaire setting on a slim yellow gold band, it creates a perfect balance of classic and modern aesthetics."

Radiant-cut diamonds, known for their brilliance and larger surface area, have become increasingly popular among those seeking a unique and eye-catching engagement ring. Papasifakis further explained, "The radiant cut's ability to appear more sizable than its carat size, coupled with its elongating effect on the fingers, makes it a coveted choice for those desiring both glamour and versatility."

DeVitto's radiant-cut diamond, estimated to be between four and five carats, reflects the couple's commitment to a love that shines as brightly as the diamond. 

Torrey DeVitto's announcement, accompanied by charming images of the couple immersed in joy, has captivated fans worldwide. Ritani congratulates Torrey DeVitto and Jared LaPine on their engagement, celebrating a love that radiates as brilliantly as the stunning diamond that now adorns DeVitto's hand. Browse similar unique engagement rings for women online and start designing your dream engagement ring today!

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