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The South African Mint Is Issuing a Final Limited Edition Gold Krugerrand Proof Officially Distributed by GovMint

Honoring the Retirement of the “Oom Paul” Press, Which Struck the Very First Krugerrands in 1967

GovMint, one of the largest direct-to-consumer retailers of collectible coins, announces an exclusive, one-of-a-kind collectible Gold Krugerrand Proof from the South African Mint.

This release of limited edition 2024 Gold Krugerrand Proofs struck on the same coin press that minted the first-ever Krugerrands and Krugerrand Proofs in 1967, complete with a unique, limited privy mark. These are the final Gold Krugerrands ever to be minted on the historic “Oom Paul” Press—collectors’ quality proofs—at the South African Mint. Oom Paul will soon end its career at the South African Mint as an active press and be moved to the South African Reserve Bank for a new museum.

That press, affectionately known as “Oom Paul”, has a long, storied history. It is, in fact, one of the oldest working coin presses in the world. It was manufactured by Ludw. Loew & Co. in Berlin in 1891 for use in the first South African mint established in 1892. 

These 2024 Oom Paul Krugerrand Proofs, struck in 91.67% gold like the 1967 Krugerrands, are sure to be a monumental historic numismatic release. In honor of the significant year that started it all (1967), the authorized mintage of the 2024 one-ounce gold proof is 670, and the 2024 quarter-ounce gold proof is 1967.

“I’m extremely excited we are able to offer this final gold Krugerrand program from the historic Oom Paul Press, in partnership with the South African Mint. It is a testament to what GovMint does best: partnering with major sovereign mints around the world and distributing world class precious metal coins into the U.S. market. Given the legacy of the Gold Krugerrand brand worldwide, we expect a complete sellout,” said Brian Johnson, Senior Marketing Director at GovMint.

History of the Krugerrand

The Krugerrand was the first modern gold bullion coin to be issued by any country, and it was instantly sought after by collectors all over the world. First struck in 1967, the Krugerrand design was based on historic coins of South Africa, and the design has remained unchanged for over three decades. Fifty-five years ago, the first Krugerrand was a pioneering step in coinage. With the minting of that first Krugerrand (July 3, 1967), it became possible for the everyday person to own gold. 

About GovMint

GovMint has been on the forefront of collectable numismatic coins since 1984 and specializes in selling rare and collectible coins, as well as a variety of other modern numismatic products and bullion. GovMint is one of the largest direct-to-consumer marketers of coins and numismatics, partnering with other major mints around the world.

About the South African Mint

The South African Mint is one of the foremost preservers of South Africa’s history. Their coins are ambassadors of South Africa and its rich heritage.

Contact Information:
Brian Johnson
Senior Marketing Director
[email protected]

Original Source: The South African Mint Is Issuing a Final Limited Edition Gold Krugerrand Proof Officially Distributed by GovMint
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