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NaXum Transforms Administrative Tools to Enhance Operational Efficiency

NaXum, committed to refining user experiences, recently underwent a comprehensive overhaul of essential administrative tools.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — NaXum, committed to refining user experiences, recently underwent a comprehensive overhaul of essential administrative tools. Led by a team of skilled designers and engineers, this initiative focused on redesigning functionalities within the Admin interface, aiming to create a more intuitive, efficient, and user-centric environment.

UX Designer Joe Biñas led a thorough revamp of essential tools, such as the Payout Tool, Payout Configuration, Autoship Report, and Sponsor Change functionalities. These enhancements offer administrators a more seamless and intuitive interface for financial configurations, autoship data management, and sponsor change functionalities, streamlining decision-making within NaXum’s administrative framework.

As a UX Designer, Stephen Tabios led the redesign of Rerun Ranks, Unlock Commissions, Adjustment Tool, and Upline Report functionalities. These updates empower administrators with accessible interfaces to efficiently manage ranks, commissions, adjustments, and upline reporting. The intuitive designs facilitate informed decision-making and streamline essential administrative processes.

Kayes Ibna Qayum and John Kyle Razon, MobApp Engineers, focused on restructuring the Admin Money Page concerning Historical Commissions and the W9 Report interface, respectively. These changes offer administrators a more detailed, user-friendly view of historical commission-related and W9-related information, enriching data insights and management capabilities.

Marwan Muhammad, a Commissions Engineer, skillfully integrated backend API updates into the Social page, enriching social functionalities and facilitating seamless sharing and engagement across various social platforms, fostering increased user interaction within NaXum’s digital sphere.

Chinazamekpere Chimbo and Mark Vincent Ayo, Commissions Engineers, optimized multiple commission runs and improved the extraction and analysis of plan and product transactions, respectively. Their enhancements boost administrative productivity and streamline data retrieval capabilities.

Daniz Timbal, a Commissions Engineer, meticulously fixed issues within the Run Commissions functionality in the Staging VO, ensuring uninterrupted operations within NaXum’s administrative environment.

These substantial enhancements underscore NaXum’s commitment to a user-centric approach, aiming to empower administrators with intuitive interfaces and streamlined functionalities. The revamped tools exemplify NaXum’s dedication to refining administrative capabilities in digital solutions.

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